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i like rainy days :)

It's raining outside and it's so incredible to listen to! It makes me remember when I was a kid, and I'd get into the store room upstairs and pretend it was a room in a castle ^.^ That was my rainy day thing. I had my own queendom, at least until dinner time, and it was super fun :)
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I love when you have a perfect day. I slept in late, had no hangover and chilled the entire day. It was awesome :) 
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I think women worry too much about nothing.

I don't really get why women are so weird about their bodies. If someone wants to be with you and you're mucking about, making out, your clothes are coming off and all that, it doesn't follow that the other person just wants to see you naked so they can pick out your so-called flaws. 

Every single woman I know and every one that I've gone out with has been so weird about their bodies. They seem to panic the moment their clothes come off. I think it's really silly. I don't fault people for their bodies and I especially don't think horrible things about the women I date. If someone's dating you and thinking or saying horrible things to you then obviously they aren't worth the time and you shouldn't be sleeping with them, because they don't deserve it. I worship the girls I date because they're beautiful inside AND out and that's why I date them. I just wish they'd believe me.

Sex is meant to be an pleasurable experience where you enjoy one another's company and the sensations that you can give to each other. When I'm laying near someone in bed the absolute last thing I think about is cellulite or whether or not I look fat. It just seems like the wrong sort of thing to be thinking about. I'd rather think that my lover's skin smells nice, or that her hair is soft, or that my heart is bursting from a big old overdose of Happiness. Usually I'm too ecstatic with what's going on or what has gone on to even notice my own body let alone hers. Women just need to be nice to themselves and not worry. We detract from our own enjoyment by worrying about stupid things that nobody even notices anyway.
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